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One of the strategic priorities of the IIS La Fe is to boost the international partnerships and collaborations through public-public and public-private engagement. We are encouraging, supporting and training our staff to become adaptable to the new global challenges and problems of significance that do not necessarily coincide with academic/medical subjects.

For that purpose, we have an expanding International Office committed to promote the embracement of science and engineering to business and health system sustainability. The main objectives for the participation in the forthcoming Horizon2020 are the following:

Introduction and description of Europa2020 and Horizon2020 priorities to researchers and clinicians by internal seminars and conferences.

Close guidance and mentoring of research groups which participate for first time in international calls. Internal open calls to receive and evaluate outlined plans for projects and international collaborations, therefore assisting in the networking and preparation of the proposals.

Management, support and planning of administrative responsibilities, budgets of goods and personnel related with international projects.

Regular attendance to meetings and seminar in the "Fit for Health" network of expert interested in EU-funded "HEALTH" research projects (Brussels). The goal is to enhance the participation and engagement of the IIS La Fe research centre with universities and innovative SMEs.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Valorization couching in order to enhance health-oriented projects from the research idea to the exploitation of research results. The transition from research into marketable products and services will be escorted by the coordinated work among the OTT, the International Unit and the researchers/clinicians of the IIS La Fe.

Establishment of strategic partnerships between the Polytechnic University of Valencia and the Hospital La Fe under the supervision and coordination of the IIS La Fe and the Innovation Unit (Transfer Technology Office, OTT IIS La Fe)