External Ethics Committee of Biobanks and Research Collections (CEBCI)

The CEBCI is responsible for a correct application of the ethical, methodological and legal principles to the research sample transfer process; be there a project approved by the Ethics Committee or not. It also ensures the legality of existing sample banking that may or may not have an informed consent attached; it oversees the current sample banking process as well as any other issue that falls under its authority.


Chair:  Dr. Cristina Aguado Codina (Clinical analysis)

Vicechair: Dr. Isabel Boscá Blasco. (Neurology)

Secretary: D. Serafín Rodríguez Capellán. (Legal Advisor)


  • Dr. Juan Jesús Vilchez Padilla. (Neurology)
  • Dr. José Luis Ruiz Cerdá. (Urology)
  • Dra. María del Pilar Marín Muela. (Microscopy)
  • Dra. Mónica Pilar Roselló Piera. (Genetics)
  • Dra. Mª José Herrero Cervera. (Farmacogenetics)
  • Dra. Julia Balaguer Guill. (Pediatric oncology)
  • Dr. Ramiro Jover Atienza. (Experimental Hepatology)


Beatriz Alcayde 

(+34) 96 124 66 05 - Ext. 246605