Allergy and respiratory diseases of children

The Research Group on Allergy and Childhood Respiratory Diseases, led by Dr. Mª Dolores Hernández, Chief of the Allergy Service and Dr. Antonio Nieto, Chief of the Section of Pneumology and Child Allergy, was accredited by the Institute Of Health Research La Fe in 2010. The lines of research focus on the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in allergic diseases, betting on innovation and technological development. The studies are oriented to the most prevalent diseases and cause of the greater consumption of health resources, as asthma, food allergy, cutaneous and to medicines.
Dra. Dolores  María Hernández Fernandez de Rojas

Group leader:

María Dolores Hernandez Fernandez De Rojas



  • María Dolores Hernandez Fernandez De Rojas

Established Researcher

  • Antonio Nieto Garcia

Associated Researcher

  • Angel Mazon Ramos


  • Miguel Angel Diaz Palacios
  • Ethel Ibañez Echevarria
  • Ramon Lopez Salgueiro
  • Maria Nieto Cid
  • Pablo Rodríguez Gascón

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Ramon Almero Ves
  • Noelia Colomer Hernandez
  • Isidoro Cortell Aznar
  • Ana Maria Giner Valero
  • Dah Tay Jang
  • Juan Alonso Lopez Andreu


  • Julia Muñoz Esteve
Photo of the research group Allergy and respiratory diseases of children