Intestinal inflammatory disease

The Accredited Group of Investigation in Intestinal Inflammatory Disease is formed by a total of 15 researchers led by Dr. Nos, who combines her research work with the position of Chief of the Digestive Medicine Service of the Hospital. The activity of the group focuses on various aspects of the study of inflammatory bowel disease and is complemented by the development of clinical trials in this field, combining research of a more basic nature with its clinical application. He is part of the Center for Biomedical Research in the Liver and Digestive Diseases Network (CIBER).
Dra. Pilar Nos Mateu

Group leader:

Pilar Nos Mateu



  • Pilar Nos Mateu

Established Researcher

  • Belén Beltrán Niclós

Associated Researcher

  • Mariam Aguas Peris
  • Marisa Iborra Colomino


  • Elena Cerrillo Bataller
  • Ines Moret Tatay


  • Guillermo Bastida Paz
  • Esteban Sáez González

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Adolfo Del Val Antoñana
  • Vicente Ortiz Bellver
  • Juan Antonio Ortuño Cortes


  • Noemí Bueno López
  • Diana Muñoz Gómez
  • Luis Tortosa Seguí
Photo of the research group Intestinal inflammatory disease