Neuromuscular pathology and ataxias

Neuromuscular Pathology and Ataxias Research Group consists of 17 clinical and basic investigators coordinated by Dr. Juan Jesús Vílchez, Head of the Department of Neurology and Full Professor of the Faculty of Medicine (University of Valencia, Spain). This group was accredited as consolidated in 2012. The group is a Reference Unit for neuromuscular diseases in the Valencian Community and is accredited as CSUR Unit in the Spanish Health System and as member of the European EN-ENM network. It is also part of the Centre for Biomedical Research in the Rare Diseases Network (Ciberer).
Dr. Juan Jesús Vílchez Padilla

Group leader:

Juan Jesús Vílchez Padilla



  • Juan Jesús Vílchez Padilla

Established Researcher

  • Teresa Sevilla Mantecón


  • Inmaculada Azorin Villena
  • Clara Gomis Coloma
  • Maria Pilar Marti Martinez
  • Nuria Muelas Gomez


  • Herminia Argente Escrig
  • Marina Frasquet Carrera
  • Javier Poyatos García
  • Estefania Torres Vega
  • Juan Francisco Vázquez Costa

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Maria Jose Chumillas Lujan
  • Javier Granda Méndez
  • Rafael Sivera Mascaro


  • Sonia Blanch Alamar


  • Lorena Gomez Perpiña
  • Roger Vílchez Medina
Photo of the research group Neuromuscular pathology and ataxias