Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Biomedicine

The Research Group on Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Biomedicine was accredited in 2010 under the name of Translational Research Group on Sensorineural Diseases. It is composed of a total of 24 researchers, led by Dr. José María Millán. The group is multidisciplinary and is made up of ophthalmologists, ENT doctors, geneticists, molecular biologists and biochemists, and participates as a member in the CIBER of Rare Diseases. Its objective is to deepen the knowledge of the physiology, genetics and clinics of diseases that fundamentally affect the organs of vision and hearing but also neuromuscular and neurodegenerative organs, seeking the immediate application of the results of this research to the clinical practice for the benefit of the patient.
Dr. José María Millán Salvador

Group leader:

José María Millán Salvador



  • José María Millán Salvador

Established Researcher

  • Regina Rodrigo Nicolás
  • Rafael Vázquez Manrique

Associated Researcher

  • Roberto Gallego Pinazo

Emerging Researcher

  • Elena María Aller Mañas
  • Herminio Pérez Garrigues


  • Maria Jose Aparisi Navarro
  • Rosa Dolz Marco
  • Gema García García
  • Teresa Jaijo Sanchís
  • Ana Sanchis Gandia


  • Sandra Alandes Esteve
  • Oscar Bastidas Garcia
  • Carla Fuster Garcia
  • Ana Pilar Gomez Escribano
  • Lorena Olivares Gonzalez
  • Ana Rodriguez Muñoz

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Miguel Armengot Carceller
  • Laura Cavalle Garrido
  • Angel Luis Cisneros Lanuza
  • Emilio González García
  • David Salom Alonso


  • Maria Andreu Fenoll
  • Nestor Garcia Marin


  • María Dolores Sequedo Perez
Photo of the research group Molecular, Cellular and Genomic Biomedicine