Traslational research in genetics

The research of the group is focused on deepening the knowledge of the molecular basis of genetic diseases, as well as on the development of new diagnostic tools and improving the practice of healthcare. The group's traditional main line has been centered on the genetic causes of the neurodevelopmental disorders and other congenital anomalies, specializing in the interpretation of genetic and genomic data of new generation.
Dr. Francisco Martínez Castellano

Group leader:

Francisco Martinez Castellano



  • Francisco Martinez Castellano

Established Researcher

  • Carmen Orellana Alonso


  • Sonia Mayo De Andres
  • Sandra Monfort Membrado
  • Juan Silvestre Oltra Soler
  • Mónica Pilar Roselló Piera


  • Alfonso Jose Caro Llopis

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Cristina Gimenez Lozano
  • Sara Leon Cariñena
  • Francisca Moreno Macian


  • Ana Isabel Gómez Cuenca
Photo of the research group Traslational research in genetics