Reproductive medicine

The Group of Research in Reproductive Medicine, accredited by the Institute of Sanitary Research La Fe in 2010 and formed by 24 researchers, is a leading internationally recognized group in the fields of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecology. His research work is directed by Dr. Antonio Pellicer, Head of the Gynecology-Reproduction Service of the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe, as well as President of the Valencian Institute of Infertility and President of the Medical Commission of the High Advisory Council of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Group leader:

Antonio Pellicer Martínez


  • Antonio Pellicer Martínez

Established Researcher

  • Cesar Díaz García
  • Alfredo José Perales Marín

Associated Researcher

  • Edurne Novella Maestre


  • Antonio Abad Carrascosa
  • Sonia Herráiz Raya
  • Aymara Mas Perucho
  • Jose Vicente Medrano Plaza


  • Ana Garcia Belda

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Jose Alberola Rubio
  • Anna Buigues Monfort
  • Santiago Domingo Del Pozo
  • Pedro Jose Fernandez Colom
  • Victor Lago Leal
  • Saturnino Lujan Marco
  • Vicenta Susana Martinez Cuenca
  • Alicia Marzal Escriva
  • Ana Maria Monzo Miralles
  • Jose Morales Rosello
  • Alfredo Perales Puchalt
  • Mónica Romeu Villarroya
  • Jose Maria Rubio Rubio
  • Jessica Subira Nadal
  • Patricia Torres Gomez
  • Jose Maria Vila Vives