Celiac disease and Digestive immunopathology

The Celiac Disease and Digestive Immunopathology Research Group accredited in 2010 by IIS La Fe, is composed by a multidisciplinary team of 14 members (pediatricians, nurses, nutritionists and biologists) led by Dr. Ribes, who combines her research with the position of Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology Section of Hospital La Fe. The main research line of this group has been the celiac disease study; additionally, in the area of Digestive Immunopathology, the group has been a pioneer at European level in Hepatology, in the development of hepatic dialysis as a new supportive therapy in liver failure situations, or as a bridge to liver transplantation.
Dra. Carmen Ribes Koninckx

Group leader:

Carmen Ribes Koninckx



  • Carmen Ribes Koninckx


  • Joaquim Calvo Lerma
  • Paula Crespo Escobar
  • Natalia Marco Maestud
  • María Roca Llorens

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Esther Donat Aliaga
  • Etna Masip Simó
  • Begoña Polo Miquel


  • Isabel Maria Gomez Garcia
  • María Mercedes San Felix Mico
  • Elvira Sierra Arriaga

Administrative staff

  • Sara Carrasco Llorens
  • Isabel Pérez Ruiz
  • Ana Maria Serra Perales
Photo of the research group Celiac disease and Digestive immunopathology