Hepatology and liver transplantation

This year, the group has been established as Hepatology and liver transplant accredited group in the IIS La Fe. The group has increased the number of research staff, one clinical researcher Rio Hortega, one technician from the IIS La Fe-Bankia Training Program, and finally one experimental researcher from CiberEHD. The most relevant results have been published in 23 scientific articles. Two doctoral and one master thesis have also been presented. Currently, the group has 12 active projects (4 competitive projects, 8 privately financed) and 17 clinical trials.
Dra. Marina Berenguer Haym

Group leader:

Marina Berenguer Haym



  • Marina Berenguer Haym

Associated Researcher

  • Victoria Aguilera Sancho-Tello

Emerging Researcher

  • Ángel Rubín Suárez


  • Salvador Benlloch Perez
  • Angela Sofia Carvalho Gomes
  • Judith Perez Rojas


  • Tommaso Di Maira
  • Carmen Pallares Alejandro
  • Carmen Vinaixa Aunés

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • María García Eliz
  • Vanessa Hontangas Pla


  • Almudena Cubells Garcia
Photo of the research group Hepatology and liver transplantation