Mental Health Research Group

The mission of the Mental Health Research Group (GISM) is to contribute to research in the area of ​​Mental Health in order to characterize the disease, reduce its impact and stigma in society and improve the quality of life of patients and its environment. To this end, the aim is to improve the production and dissemination of scientific knowledge, the generation of health innovations, the training of mental health specialists with a research profile and the application of advances in healthcare practice and scientific-health policies.
Dra. Pilar Sierra San Miguel

Group leaders:

Ana Cristina García Blanco

Pilar Sierra San Miguel



  • Ana Cristina García Blanco
  • Pilar Sierra San Miguel

Established Researcher

  • Lorenzo Livianos Aldana
  • Luis Miguel Rojo Moreno

Associated Researcher

  • Maria Antonia Barbera Fons
  • Alberto Dominguez Carabantes
  • Elisa Gallach Solano
  • Jose Javier Plumed Domingo
  • Josep Ribes Cuenca
  • Nuria Segarra Martinez

Emerging Researcher

  • Carmen Iranzo Tatay


  • Gemma Costa Requena


  • Clara Berto Garcia
  • María Fernanda González Romero
  • Milton Henry Merizalde Torres
  • Pablo Navalón Rodríguez
  • Luis Miguel Rojo Bofill
  • Ana Sabater Ferragut

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Sergio Arqués Egea
  • Pilar Benavent Rodriguez
  • Teresa Rubio Granero


  • Ignasi Josep Tarazona Martínez
Photo of the research group Mental Health Research Group