Neuroscience research group

The scientific activity of the research group is mostly of a clinical nature, aiming to improve the clinical diagnosis of a series of psychiatric disorders of great relevance today through the different research lines being studied. In addition, the activity of the group includes the study of the history of psychiatry centred in our country (Spain) and, more specifically, in the city of Valencia.
Dra. Pilar Sierra San Miguel

Group leaders:

Ana Cristina García Blanco

Pilar Sierra San Miguel



  • Ana Cristina García Blanco
  • Pilar Sierra San Miguel

Associated Researcher

  • Maria Antonia Barbera Fons
  • Alberto Dominguez Carabantes
  • Elisa Gallach Solano
  • Carmen Iranzo Tatay
  • Lorenzo Livianos Aldana
  • Jose Javier Plumed Domingo
  • Josep Ribes Cuenca
  • Luis Miguel Rojo Moreno
Photo of the research group Neuroscience research group