The Research Group in Rheumatology is made up of 18 researchers led by Dr. José Andrés Román Ivorra, Director of the Clinical Area of ​​Rheumatological, Endocrinological and Allergic Diseases of La Fe Hospital. Its mission is to develop translational research and excellence in different fields. Aspects of clinical rheumatology: physiological, pathophysiological, social and disease prevention in different rheumatic diseases. Its raison d'être is to consolidate a multidisciplinary research group that brings together applied clinical research studies with pharmaceutical projection studies, whose purpose is to consolidate itself as a reference of good clinical practice, research and teaching.

Dr. José Andrés Román Ivorra

Group leader:

José Andrés Román Ivorra



  • José Andrés Román Ivorra


  • Elena Grau Garcia

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Cristina Patricia Alcañiz Escandell
  • Karla Romelia Arevalo Ruales
  • Inmaculada Concepcion Chalmeta Verdejo
  • Carlos Manuel Feced Olmos
  • Jorge Juan Fragio Gil
  • Roxana González Mazario
  • Luis Gonzalez Puig
  • Jose Ivorra Cortes
  • Eztizen Labrador Sanchez
  • Isabel Martinez Cordellat
  • Rosa Negueroles Albuixech
  • Jose Eloy Oller Rodriguez
  • Francisco Miguel Ortiz Sanjuan
  • Elvira Vicens Bernabeu


  • Maria Ines Canovas Olmos
  • Carmen Najera Herranz
Photo of the research group Rheumathology