Intensive Medicine

Research lines

Application of a rapid response system outside the ICU for the early detection of patients admitted to hospital at risk for deterioration

Study of the function of platelets in acute coronary syndrome

Nosocomial infection associated with invasive devices. Role of the bacterial biofilm in the patient’s clinical and microbiological response to infection

Influence of bacterial biofilm to mantimicrobial treatment

Aplication of metabolomics and proteomics in the early detection of the bacteria biofilm formed on the invasive device and the early diagnosis of nosocomial infection

Application of acustic waves in the prevention of bacterial biofilm formation on the surface of the endotracheal tube

Immunoparalysis in the critical patient. Influence on the development of nosocomial infections and opportunistic infections. Influence on patient response and clinical evolution

Pharmacokinetics applied to critical patients

Innovation in devices related to nococomial infections. Desing of a device to protect the insertion point of external ventricular draimage

Innovation in the control of outbreaks by multirresistant microorganisms. Desing of a final water filtration device based on the bacterial properties of modified ceramic particles