Clinical research in chronic diseases and HIV Infection

The Clinical Research on chronic diseases and HIV infection group consists of doctors from the Internal Medicine the Infectious Diseases Services. The group carries out an eminently clinical nature investigation, oriented to the study of cardio vascular risk, complications of patients with systemic autoimmune diseases, patients with comorbid conditions and treatment of HIV infection and prevention of its complications.

The results of its research are mainly reflected in collaborative studies with other institutions, working groups or scientific societies.
Dr. Jose López Aldeguer

Group leader:

José López Aldeguer



  • José López Aldeguer

Established Researcher

  • Marta Montero Alonso
  • José Antonio Todolí Parra

Associated Researcher

  • María José Pérez Durá

Emerging Researcher

  • Pablo Berrocal Gil
  • Ricardo Gil Sanchez


  • Iván Castro Hernández

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Rosario Alonso Estelles
  • Manuel Ballester Nogues
  • Irene Calatayud Marin
  • Cristina Campo Lopez
  • Marciano Gomez Gomez
  • Luisa Mico Giner
  • Pedro Moral Moral
  • Carmen Morata Aldea
  • Ivan Moreno Muñoz
  • Alfonso Perello Rosso
  • Ana Isabel Renau Escrig
  • Miguel Angel Roig Osca
  • Gonzalo Salvador Cervelló
  • Eugenia Saro Perez
  • María Tasias Pitarch
  • Jesus Andres Velasco Perez

Administrative staff

  • Sandra Cuéllar Tovar
Photo of the research group Clinical research in chronic diseases and HIV Infection