The Pharmacogenetics research group, accredited in 2012 as an Emerging Group, is made up of 12 researchers led by Dr. Salvador Aliño, clinical pharmacologist of the La Fe University Hospital and Professor of the Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Valencia. The research of the group focuses specifically on the development and validation of pharmacogenetic analyses for translational research, and also with imminent application in clinical practice in some cases.
Dr. Salvador Aliño Pellicer

Group leader:

Salvador Aliño Pellicer



  • Salvador Aliño Pellicer

Emerging Researcher

  • María José Herrero Cervera


  • Antonio Miguel Matas
  • Luis Esteban Rojas Orellana
  • Luis Sendra Gisbert


  • Sergio Bea Granell
  • Juan Eduardo Megias Vericat
  • Gladys Guadalupe Olivera Pasquini

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Virginia Boso Ribelles
  • Julio Hernández Jaras
  • José Luis Poveda Andrés
Photo of the research group Pharmacogenetics