Biomedical imaging research group(GIBI 230)

The aim of the Biomedical Imaging Research Group (GIBI230) is to promote and develop the use of imaging techniques and biomarkers extracted from images in order to optimize the diagnostic and therapeutic efficiency of the Medical image through a multidisciplinary approach and multimodality, both in clinical care research and in animal experimentation.

GIBI230 also aims to promote clinical trials and the objective evaluation of the studied effect in which medical imaging and image biomarkers play a relevant role.
Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí

Group leader:

Luís Martí Bonmatí



  • Luís Martí Bonmatí

Established Researcher

  • Ignacio Blanquer Espert
  • Juan Miguel Garcia Gomez

Associated Researcher

  • María Teresa Albelda Gimeno
  • Rafael Sebastian Aguilar
  • Juan Ignacio Villaescusa Blanca

Emerging Researcher

  • Alegria Montoro Pastor
  • Irene Torres Espallardo


  • Gracian Garcia Marti
  • Cristina Ramirez Fuentes
  • Roberto Sanz Requena


  • Enrique Ruiz Martínez
  • Amadeo Ten Esteve

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Juan Carlos Frias Martinez
  • Raul Garcia Marcos
  • Roberto Llorens Salvador
  • Jose Joaquin Martinez Rodrigo

Management Support Staff

  • Ángel Alberich Bayarri

Administrative staff

  • Maria De La Iglesia Vaya
  • Ana Penadés Blasco
Photo of the research group Biomedical imaging research group(GIBI 230)