Multiple sclerosis and neuroregeneration research unit

This research group belongs to two networks of the Health Institute Carlos III: the Spanish Network of Multiple Sclerosis and the CIBER of Rare Diseases. It is dedicated to clinical, basic and translational research in neuronal regeneration and neuroinflammation. The Group is composed by 18 researchers; 11 from the Research Group on Multiple Sclerosis and 7 from the University of Valencia. Areas of interest: development of animal models of autoimmune encephalomyelitis to test new therapeutic molecules and the study of the immunopathogenic mechanisms of multiple sclerosis; transfection of cells; research in pathogenic antibodies in inflammatory processes of the CNS; search and validation of biological and image biomarkers; and the implementation in daily practice of biomarkers of prognosis and response to treatment.
Dr. Bonaventura Casanova Estruch

Group leader:

Bonaventura Casanova Estruch



  • Bonaventura Casanova Estruch

Established Researcher

  • José Manuel García Verdugo


  • Sara Garcia Gil-Perotin
  • Vicente Herranz Perez


  • Jessica Castillo Villalba
  • Laura Cubas Nuñez
  • Maria Duran Moreno
  • Paula Garcia Belda

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Carmen Alcala Vicente
  • Isabel Boscá Blasco
  • Enrique España Gregori
  • Vicente Ibañez Pradas
  • Miguel Mazón Momparler
  • Francisco Carlos Pérez Miralles


  • Matilde Escutia Roig

Laboratory assistant

  • Beatriz Cabanes Herrezuelo
  • Sara Carratala Bosca


  • Jorge Antonio Fuentes Maestre
Photo of the research group Multiple sclerosis and neuroregeneration research unit