Research Group in Neuroimmunolgy

Research group dedicated to clinical, basic and translational research in neuronal regeneration and neuroinflammation and which belongs to two research networks of the ISCIII: Spanish Multiple Sclerosis Network and CIBERER (Rare Diseases). Composed of 10 researchers, the main areas of interest are: development of animal models autoimmune encephalomyelitis to test new therapeutic diseases and the study of the immunopathogenic mechanisms of multiple sclerosis; cellular transfection, the search for pathogenic antibodies in the CNS inflammatory processes, the search and validation of biological and imaging biomarkers; The implementation in daily practice of biomarkers of prognosis and response to treatment.
Dr. Bonaventura Casanova Estruch

Group leader:

Bonaventura Casanova Estruch



  • Bonaventura Casanova Estruch


  • Sara Garcia Gil-Perotin


  • Jessica Castillo Villalba
  • Laura Cubas Nuñez

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Carmen Alcalá Vicente
  • Enrique España Gregori
  • Miguel Mazón Momparler
  • Francisco Carlos Pérez Miralles


  • Matilde Escutia Roig

Laboratory assistant

  • Beatriz Cabanes Herrezuelo
  • Sara Carratala Bosca
Photo of the research group Research Group in Neuroimmunolgy