Joint Unit IISLAFE-CIPF for cardiovascular repair

Cardiovascular diseases are a major health problem in developed countries. Among them, heart failure has limited treatments and cell therapy has emerged as an alternative tool to conventional treatments. The Mixt Unit for Cardiovascular Repair is a collaborative program between IISLAFE and Principe Felipe Research Centre. The group aims to develop a basic research with a significant translational component, that will contribute to the development of new treatments for ischemic diseases. The study of cellular mechanisms triggered by adult stem cells and factors that influence cardiomyocyte cell death in apoptotic and inflammatory environments will allow the identification of molecular targets for the development of new drugs.
Dra. Pilar Sepúlveda Sanchis

Group leader:

Pilar Sepúlveda Sanchís



  • Pilar Sepúlveda Sanchís

Established Researcher

  • Jose Luis Diez Gil
  • Amparo Hernándiz Martínez
  • Jose Anastasio Montero Argudo


  • Akaitz Dorronsoro González
  • Imelda Ontoria Oviedo


  • María Ciria Calduch
  • Hernán González King Garibotti
  • Rafael Sánchez Sánchez
  • Sandra Tejedor Gascón

Laboratory assistant

  • Delia Castellano Izquierdo
  • Marina Piquer Gil
Photo of the research group Joint Unit IISLAFE-CIPF for cardiovascular repair