Nuclear of investigation transfer integrated urological valencia (NITIUV)

The Urological Integrated Translational Research Center of Valencia (NITIUV) is an INNOVATIVE group within the research structure of the Hospital and the IIS La Fe. Since scientific knowledge is so vast and yet so professionalized, it is impossible for physicians to organize a structure Physics that supports such research. This Research Unit aims to promote translational urological research and be the germ of reference urological research projects, fostering interaction between the Service of Urology of the Hospital La Fe of Valencia and different groups of basic research of excellence in Valencia and Spain.

Group leader:

Cesar David Vera Donoso



  • Cesar David Vera Donoso

Emerging Researcher

  • Irene Torres Espallardo


  • Antonio Javier Gonzalez Martinez,
  • Juan Pablo Rigla Perez


  • Jose Maria Benlloch Baviera
  • Jesús Betancourt Hernández
  • Pablo Botella Asunción
  • Marta Eusebio Garagalza
  • Laura Lorenzo Soriano
  • Francisco Marco Jimenez
  • Victoria Moreno Manzano
  • Javier Perez Ardavin
  • Jose Vicente Sanchez Gonzalez
  • Javier Sanchez Gonzalez
  • Jose Salvador Vicente Anton

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Maria Pilar Bahilo Mateu
  • Pilar Bello Arques
  • Sara Brugger Frigols
  • Manuel Martinez Sarmiento
  • Juan José Monserrat Monfort
  • Pablo Sopena Novales