Biomarkers and Precision Medicine Unit

The Biomarkers and Precision Medicine Unit (BPMU) has a strong interest in the study of the metabolism and the epigenome and their interplay in cancer. At the BPMU, clinicians and basic researchers share the motivation to undertake bench-to-bedside translational research with the goal of promoting precision medicine. Cancer is a very complex disorder that cannot be fully understood only using genetic approaches. In the tumour microenvironment, cells undergo a complex metabolic rewiring for sustaining cell proliferation and growth, two common traits of all cancers.
Dr. Agustín Lahoz Rodriguez

Group leader:

Agustin Lahoz Rodríguez



  • Agustin Lahoz Rodríguez

Emerging Researcher

  • Juan Sandoval Del Amor


  • Marta Benet Giménez
  • Juan Carlos Garcia Cañaveras


  • Maria Isabel Alcoriza Balaguer
  • Salvador Aparisi Alepuz
  • Lourdes Chuliá Peris
  • Elisa Ibañez Martinez
  • Cora Palanca Ballester

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Andrés Briones Gómez
  • José Cerón Navarro
  • Carlos Jorda Aragó
  • Óscar José Juan Vidal
  • Nuria Mancheño Franch


  • Diana Garcia Latorre
  • Veronica Ruiz Nieto

Management Support Staff

  • Encarnación Rama Galdón
Photo of the research group Biomarkers and Precision Medicine Unit