Family cardiopathies, sudden death and mechanisms of disease (CAFAMUSME)

CAFAMUSME belonged to RETIC (actually, to Red de Invetigación Cardiovascular, RIC) up to December 2016. We are working to be included in the near future in the CIBER Cardiovascular. Our research lines include: inherited cardiac conditions and sudden death in the cardiovascular section and endometriosis and ginecological cancer in the woman section, as well the study of their common pathophysiological mechanisms  such as the role of miRNAs as biomarkers (diagnostic and prognostic roles) or even future targets for treatment  and the Wnt pathway.
Dra. Esther Zorio Grima

Group leader:

Esther Zorio Grima



  • Esther Zorio Grima

Established Researcher

  • Amparo Estelles Cortes

Associated Researcher

  • Juan Gilabert Estelles
  • Juan Giner Blasco
  • Pilar Molina Aguilar


  • Aitana Braza Boils


  • Diana Domingo Valero
  • Josep Mari Alexandre
  • Jorge Sanz Sanchez

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Ana Monzo Blasco


  • Yolanda Abellan Pinar
  • Jenifer Sancho Jimenez
Photo of the research group Family cardiopathies, sudden death and mechanisms of disease (CAFAMUSME)