Research in digestive surgery and perioperative care

The group was accredited in 2016. Our team includes 19 researchers.  Dr. Matteo Frasson, PI of the group, is the current Editor of “Cirugia Española” the most important surgical journal in Spanish and he is Chairman of the Young Group of the European Society of Coloproctology. 

The main objective of our group is to improve the results of surgical patients with digestive track diseases (esophagogastric and colorectal), both benignant and oncologic. In particular, we aim to improve the preoperative and pathological cancer staging, the preoperative patient evaluation, the surgical techniques and the management of the postoperative period.

Dr. Matteo Frasson

Group leader:

Matteo Frasson



  • Matteo Frasson


  • Cristina Ballester Ibañez
  • Jose Pedro Esclapez Valero
  • Blas Flor Lorente
  • Álvaro García-Granero García-Fuster
  • Eduardo García-Granero Ximenez
  • Francisco Giner Segura
  • Pablo Granero Castro
  • Jose Pamies Guilabert
  • Victoria Pareja Ibars
  • Salvador Pous Serrano
  • Luis Sanchez Guillen
  • Francisco Javier Vaque Urbaneja

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Jose Francisco Dolz Lago
  • Fernando Mingol Navarro


  • María Pilar Blasco Belda
  • Arantxa Camacho Camacho


  • Jose Angel Gomez Molina
  • María Teresa Ortega Martorell
  • Cirangiely Beatriz Sardi Freitez
Photo of the research group Research in digestive surgery and perioperative care