Digestive Endoscopy

The endoscopy unit was accredited in 2016. It is composed of 14 researchers; whose professional activity focuses on digestive endoscopy.  The purpose as a group is to promote and contribute to digestive endoscopy investigation.  Both in clinical practice, promoting and participating in national and international multicentre studies; as well as in I + D + I, with special interest in innovation.
Dr. Vicente Pons Beltrán

Group leader:

Vicente Pons Beltrán



  • Vicente Pons Beltrán

Established Researcher

  • Vicente Maria Lorenzo-Zuñiga García


  • Lidia Argüello Viudez
  • Marco Bustamante Balén
  • Marta Ponce Romero
  • David Ramos Soler


  • Rodrigo A. Mansilla De Vivar
  • Jannina Andrea Nevárez Heredia
  • Carla Satorres Paniagua

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Noelia Alonso Lázaro
  • Cristina Sanchez Montes


  • Maria Vicenta Aramendia
  • Purificación Hernandez Alarcon
  • Silvia Tejedor Esteve

Administrative staff

  • Maria Del Pilar Crespo Soto
  • Francisca Martinez Bonilla
Photo of the research group Digestive Endoscopy