Art and Science in Healthcare

MISSION Investigate evidence-based health care, oriented to clinical safety and advanced nursing practice, contributing to the knowledge advancement of nursing discipline and the translation into clinical practice, resulting in the improvement of patient’s health and benefits for the society. VISION Our vision is to consolidate ourselves as one of the main research groups in our country in the field of nursing discipline and be a reference in the research, development and innovation of evidence-based health care, to translate scientific results into clinical practice and increase the relevance of our scientific contributions.
Dra. Esperanza Ferrer Ferrandis

Group leader:

Esperanza Ferrer Ferrandiz



  • Esperanza Ferrer Ferrandiz


  • María Del Mar Alcañiz Garran
  • Maria Jose Alemany Anchel
  • Vicente Antonio Gea Caballero
  • María Rosario Gomez Romero
  • Maria Isabel Marmol Lopez
  • Isabel Miguel Montoya
  • Raimunda Montejano Lozoya
  • Josefa Palop Muñoz
  • Antonio Ruiz Hontangas


  • Jose Munsuri Rosado
  • Angela Olmedo Salas
  • Jose Luis Piera Gomar


  • Luis Celda Belinchon
Photo of the research group Art and Science in Healthcare