Dermatology and Tisular Regeneration

The Dermatology and Tisular Regeneration group is made up of 15 members belonging to Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Ulcer Units of Hospital La Fe, as well as a molecular biologist and a clinical trials coordinator.

Its objective is to develop the investigation in skin diseases and tissue repair fields in order to go into the knowledge of the etiology and pathogenesis of these illnesses and to develop new treatments to improve the patients´ quality of life.

The group was accredited in 2012 as an Investigational Group in Dermatology, which was initially associated with the Oncology Group.

Dr. Rafael Botella Estrada

Group leader:

Rafael Botella Estrada



  • Rafael Botella Estrada


  • Begoña Escutia Muñoz
  • Mercedes Rodríguez Serna


  • Blanca De Unamuno Bustos

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Isabel Hernandez Jurado
  • Cristhian Klenner Muñoz
  • Javier López Davia
  • Verónica Massó López
  • Miguel Angel Navarro Mira
  • María Dolores Pérez Del Caz
  • Alberto Pérez García
  • Conrad Pujol Marco
  • Antonio Javier Sahuquillo Torralba
  • Eduardo Simon Sanz
  • Ignacio Torres Navarro
Photo of the research group Dermatology and Tisular Regeneration