Drug Discovery Unit

The Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) pursues the development and evaluation of novel molecularly targeted agents using a combination of structure-based drug design and metabolomic approaches. It includes the development of experimental approaches to identify and characterize drug targets, as well as to search for new therapeutic principles against them. An intense effort is also devoted to the identification of pharmaceutical/clinical biomarkers that can be used for the diagnosis/prognosis of different pathologies, the stratification and treatment monitoring of patients, the characterization of mechanisms of action of drugs, and the evaluation of safety/efficacy profiles.
Dr. Antonio Pineda Lucena

Group leader:

Antonio Pineda Lucena



  • Antonio Pineda Lucena

Emerging Researcher

  • Leonor Puchades Carrasco


  • Martina Palomino Schätzlein


  • Arturo Albors Vaquer
  • Nuria Gómez Cebrián
  • Ayelen Ianinna Rojas Benedicto

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Emilio Monte Boquet


  • Leticia Orti Pérez
  • Jorge Vallejo Ortega