Pediatric Rheumatology

The objective and mission of the research group in Paediatric Rheumatology is based mainly on juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and the efficacy and pharmacovigilance analysis of new therapies, especially biological treatments. The usefulness of genetic studies, and molecular and cellular biology allow us to confirm the diagnosis of disorders known as systemic autoinflammatory diseases. We work also in the development of techniques as tools of the diagnostic area from the clinical point of view. The risk of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic inflammation such as JIA and other paediatric rheumatic diseases, together with the absence of available guides, has led the group to the development and implementation of clinical guides.
Dra. Inmaculada Calvo Penades

Group leader:

Inmaculada Calvo Penadés



  • Inmaculada Calvo Penadés


  • Laura Fernandez Silveira
  • Adriana Rodriguez Vidal

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • María Isabel González Fernández
  • Berta López Montesinos


  • Yolanda Planells Aleixandre

Administrative staff

  • Juan Fornes Torres
  • Miguel Ángel Priego Cañes
Photo of the research group Pediatric Rheumatology