The research group intends to organize and promote translational research initiatives for the patients affected by urological pathology, including oncological, functional and lithiasic pathology, in order to make discoveries that contribute to improve their care. To this end, 19 researchers, led by Dr. Boronat Tormo, Head of the Urology Service, dedicate their efforts and research work. As can be seen in the different of research lines, the variety of urological pathologies leads to diverse initiatives interacting with other hospital services and departments as well as with other Valencian and Spanish research institutions.

Group leader:

Francisco Boronat Tormo



  • Francisco Boronat Tormo

Established Researcher

  • Salvador Arlandis Guzmán
  • José Luis Ruiz Cerdá

Emerging Researcher

  • Alberto Budia Alba


  • Maria Esther Martinez Cuenca

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Jose Miguel Alapont Alacreu
  • Miguel Ángel Bonillo García
  • Enrique Broseta Rico
  • Francisco Delgado Oliva
  • José Daniel López Acón
  • Saturnino Lujan Marco
  • Eduardo José Morán Pascual
  • Domingo De Guzman Ordaz Jurado
  • José Luis Pontones Moreno
  • Ramon Rogel Berto
  • Marta Trassierra Villa