Hemostasis, thrombosis, ateriosclerosis and vascular biology

The group was accredited in 2007. Presently, it currently consists of 22 researchers, 14 of them doctors, 7 graduates and 1 technician. It belongs to the Network of Cardiovascular Diseases and is a PROMETEO Excellence Group of the Valencian Community. The group encompasses different aspects of cardiovascular research related to hemostasis, thrombosis, atherosclerosis and vascular biology, for which it has been recognized at the regional, national and international levels. From 2008 to 2015, the group has published 454 articles, 50 of them in first decile journals, with an impact factor of 1364, and received 5300 citations.

Dr. Francisco España Furió

Group leader:

Francisco España Furio



  • Francisco España Furio

Established Researcher

  • Pilar Medina Badenes

Associated Researcher

  • Santiago Bonanad Boix
  • Ana Rosa Cid Haro
  • Maria De Los Angeles Dasi Carpio
  • Fernando Ferrando Gosp
  • Aida Lago Martín
  • Manuel Miralles Hernández
  • Silvia Navarro Rosales

Emerging Researcher

  • Antonio Moscardó Martínez


  • Emma Plana Andani


  • Álvaro Fernández Pardo
  • Ana Maria Latorre Campos
  • Andres Moret Peiro
  • Ana Julia Oto Martinez

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Jose Vicente Amaya Valero
  • Luis Gomez-Cambronero Lopez
  • Saturnino Haya Guaita


  • Maria José Solmoirago

Management Support Staff

  • Patricia Caunedo Almagro
Photo of the research group Hemostasis, thrombosis, ateriosclerosis and vascular biology