Mixed unit of cerebrovascular research

The Joint Unit for Cerebrovascular Research results from a collaboration agreement between the University of Valencia and the Insitute of Sanitary Research La Fe. It is composed by 10 researchers, under the direction of Dr. Juan Bautista Salom Valero. The Unit belongs to the INVICTUS research network, funded by the Health Institute Carlos III. The scientific activity of the Unit is focused in Neuroscience and Cardiovascular research, with the study of the physiology of cerebral circulation, and pathophysiology and treatment of ischemic stroke as the main objective.

Group leader:

Joan Bautista Salom Sanvalero



  • Joan Bautista Salom Sanvalero

Established Researcher

  • Enrique Alborch Dominguez
  • Germán Torregrosa Bernabé

Associated Researcher

  • María Consuelo Burguete López
  • Jose Maria Centeno Guil
  • Teresa Jover Mengual
  • Francisco Javier Miranda Alonso


  • Maria Castello Ruiz


  • Alicia Aliena Valero
  • Mikahela Lopez Morales