Experimental hepatology and Hepatic transplantation

The research group in Experimental Hepatology and Hepatic Transplantation was accredited in 2008 and obtained the reaccreditation in 2014. Currently, it is composed of more than 20 basic and clinical researchers and technical support staff led by Dr. José Vicente Castell, Professor from the University of Valencia. This group is part of the CIBER of Liver and Digestive Diseases and of two Joined Units with the University of Valencia (UV) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).
Dr. José Vicente Castell Ripoll

Group leader:

José Vicente Castell Ripoll

hepatologia_experimental(ELIMINAR)@iislafe.es; jose.castell@uv.es


  • José Vicente Castell Ripoll

Established Researcher

  • Bernardo Roque Bort Marti
  • María Teresa Donato Martín
  • María José Gómez-Lechón Moliner
  • Ramiro Jover Atienza

Associated Researcher

  • Eugenia Pareja Ibars

Emerging Researcher

  • Laia Tolosa Pardo


  • Petar Dianov Petrov


  • Mireia Lopez Riera
  • Maria Teresa Martinez Sena
  • Ramon Santamaria Peiteado

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Isabel Conde Amiel
  • Vicente Ibañez Pradas
  • Jose Mir Pallardo
  • Juan Jose Vila Carbo


  • Maria Ballester Carrio
  • Estefania Cabezas Marcos
  • Marta Guillem Olmos
  • Carla Guzman Prieto
  • Nuria Jimenez Pous
  • Rebeca Méndez Cátedra

Management Support Staff

  • Arturo López Castel