Respiratory infections

The Respiratory Infections research group, accredited in 2008 and reaccredited in 2014, is led by Dr. Rosario Menéndez, Director of Respiratory Diseases and Chief of the Pneumology Service. In addition, IP is part of a CIBER group of respiratory diseases and holds the title of FERS (Fellow of European Respiratory Society) in recognition of his international research career. The group is formed by a multidisciplinary team composed of Facultative Specialists in Pulmonology, ICU, Microbiology, Emergency and Molecular Biology as well as predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers, nurses and administrative.
Dra. Rosario Menéndez Villanueva

Group leader:

Rosario Menendez Villanueva



  • Rosario Menendez Villanueva

Established Researcher

  • Emilio Ansótegui Barrera
  • Paula Ramírez Galleymore


  • Mónica Gordón Sahuquillo
  • Jose Miguel Molina Moreno


  • Isabel Emilia Amara Elori
  • Alexandra Gimeno Cardells
  • Veronica Marti Alcarria
  • Raúl Méndez Ocaña
  • Jesús Ruiz Ramos
  • José Miguel Sahuquillo Arce
  • Esther Villarreal Tello

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Enrique Cases Viedma
  • Álvaro Castellanos Ortega
  • Juan Ginés Cordoba Cortijo
  • Raquel Martinez Tomas
  • Beatriz Monull Veiga
  • Soledad Reyes Calzada
  • Jose Manuel Valles Tarazona


  • Alba Piró Dorado

Administrative staff

  • María Luz Mimbiela Delgado
Photo of the research group Respiratory infections