Joint Research Unit in Neurology and Molecular genetics

Our group investigates the genetic basis of neurodegenerative disorders in collaboration with the Neurology Service of La Fe Hospital. The members of the Mixed Unit belong to the CIBER of Rare Diseases and Neurodegenerative Diseases.

The team is composed of 2 researchers with experience and a predoctoral researcher in addition to two technicians (by the CSIC) and the research staff of the Neurology Service.

In terms of the trajectory of IP, he has made significant contributions on the genetic basis of dementias (mainly Alzheimer and Frontotemporal), movement disorders (Parkinson) and neuromuscular disorders(ALS).

Dr. Jordi Peréz Tur

Group leader:

Jordi Perez Tur



  • Jordi Perez Tur


  • Fernando Cardona Serrate


  • Jacek Szymanski


  • Guillermo Rodríguez Casero
  • Jessica Valdivia García
Photo of the research group Joint Research Unit in Neurology and Molecular genetics