Research lines

Newborn piglet model of hypoxia and reoxygenation devoted to the study of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), hypothermia, and interventions linked to hypothermia to improve outcome of severe HIE. Moreover, we are seeking more reliable and predictive biomarkers of tissue hypoxia.

Pregnant mice model and offsprings to study postnatal adaptation in different postnatal oxygenation milieu.

Clinical studies related to the influence of oxygen supplementation in the fetal to neonatal transition and postnatal conditions in preterm infants

Studies of the influence of oxygenation on neonatal fetal transition, resuscitation and postnatal pathology in premature infants

Study of pulmonary function monitoring in the delivery room

Studies related to donor milk in the milk bank: toxicology, pasteurization, composition, microbiota

Genetic approach to severe infections (sepsis) in the perinatal period.

Clinical studies related to fungal infections

Clinical/Psychological and biochemical studies related to pain, anxiety and stress in preterm infants and mothers.

Studies on DNA damage caused by oxygen supplementation using Comet Assay in preterm infants and DNA-repairing ability.

Epigenetic damage caused by oxygen supplementation in preterm infants depending upon the oxygen load received during fetal to neonatal transition.