Joint Research Unit in in Molecular mechanisms of Drug adverse reactions

The Joint Research Unit on Molecular Mechanisms (Chemical and Biological) of Adverse Drug Reactions with Prof. Miguel A. Miranda as leader, was created upon agreement between IIS-La Fe and Technical University of Valencia (UPV), as a result of a long-lasting and productive collaboration between these entities. The unit is integrated by several researchers: emerging researchers, established researchers, associated researchers, postdoctoral and predoctoral. In this unit, research at the chemistry-biology interface is addressed.

Dra. Inmaculada Andreu Ros

Group leader:

Miguel Angel Miranda Alonso



  • Miguel Angel Miranda Alonso

Established Researcher

  • José Vicente Castell Ripoll
  • María José Gómez-Lechón Moliner
  • Maria Consuelo Jimenez Molero

Associated Researcher

  • Virginie Lhiaubet .

Emerging Researcher

  • Inmaculada Andreu Ros
  • Ignacio Vaya Perez


  • María Consuelo Cuquerella Alabort
  • Gemma Maria Rodriguez Muñiz


  • Isabel Aparici Espert


  • Nuria Jimenez Pous