Joint Research Unit in Biomechanics

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Research Group is composed by 24 researchers. The group is led by Dr. Enrique Viosca, Head of the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the Universitary and Polytechnic Hospital La Fe and collaborator researcher at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The efforts of this group focus mainly on deepening the study and knowledge of functional recovery in stroke patients, but has extended its research to various types of pathologies and recovery processes, such as Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injury, Lymphedema, prevention of falls in the elderly, etc.
Dr. Enrique Viosca Herrero

Group leader:

Enrique Viosca Herrero



  • Enrique Viosca Herrero

Established Researcher

  • Carlos Atienza Vicente
  • María Amparo Guerrero Alonso
  • Jose Luis Peris Serra
  • Jaime Miguel Prat Pastor

Associated Researcher

  • Adela Albero Sarrió
  • Juan Manuel Belda Lois
  • Juan Cervera Deval
  • Javier Mariano Ferris Oñate
  • Manuel Giner Pascual


  • Ignacio Bermejo Bosch
  • Miguel Matas Osa
  • Alfonso Oltra Pastor

Associated Clinical Collaborators

  • Maria Rosario Beseler Soto
  • Carmen Grao Castellote
  • Dolores Maldonado Garrido
  • Maria Isabel Vazquez Arce

Laboratory assistant

  • Amelia Lucia Gomez Perez
  • Fernando Gomez Sendra
  • Fernando Molla Domenech


  • Isabel Roger Lopez
  • Manuel Villanueva Garcia
Photo of the research group Joint Research Unit in Biomechanics