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Big Data and Digital Health

This platform, thanks to the commitment to new technologies (EHR, Telemedicine, Digitisation of medical imaging, etc.) that was made at the time in the Valencia La Fe Health Department, currently provides a lot of accessible information that helps to better understand both the health processes and to improve the provision of these services through the massive analysis of the stored data. Infrastructure adapted to the needs of the different research teams for which the raw data will be stored is required.

The necessary storage hardware is available thanks to the ISCIII infrastructure project requested by IISLAFE and the commitment made by the management of the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe to invest in software and to promote better data processing. There are already firm proposals from companies such as BULL that offer to cover the needs of the platform, the combination of bullion servers (Hardware) together with the Hadoop ecosystem and Atos (Software), in a pre-configured platform, to have a combination of hardware and software that fits perfectly to support the use cases that require high performance. The virtualisation layer allows the creation of multiple data lakes (RUN, Pre-prod, dev,...) for multiple purposes (mutli-tenant hadoop), and enforces data security between different environments.

By means of the investment obtained through projects granted to the eRPSS Joint Unit, both public and private, various modules of the SAS Software Big Data analysis tool have been purchased, which have enabled a leap in quality in the formulation of clinical research questions and have given rise to new high impact studies at national and international level, as it covers a need that has been demanded since ICT tools were introduced in the healthcare field.

There are physical spaces in the planning area of the HUPLAFE Administration building where the eRPSS group has been carrying out its research activity. Therefore, no space is currently requested within the IISLAFE.

We have the necessary background, the skills acquired through research projects and collaborations with industry through the Joint Research Unit in ICT Applied to the Reengineering of Socio-Health Processes La Fe (eRPSS) and the team to develop the foundations to create a platform for ICT services in Health (Big Data and Digital Health) within IISLAFE.