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Scientific Technological Platforms

Cytomics Unit

  • FACSAria-III cell sorter (Becton Dickinson): high speed and resolution cell sorter and flow cytometer analyser. It is equipped with 4 lasers (blue 488 nm, red 635 nm, near-ultraviolet 375 nm, and yellow-green 561 nm). It allows the simultaneous study of 14 parameters (within 12 of them are fluorescence) with a high sorting speed of up to 4 populations at the same time. The acquisition and analysis software is FACSDiva.
  • Flow cytometer analyser FACSCanto-II (Becton Dickinson): simultaneously analyses up to 10 parameters in suspended particles and/or cells, using 3 emission sources (3 lasers) physically separated, with wavelengths of 488 nm, 635 nm y 405 nm. The acquisition and analysis software is FACSDiva.
  • High-content screening analyser Scan^R (Olympus): fluorescence modular microscope for the automated acquisition of images and the data analysis of biological samples. It allows the processing of a high quantity of images and a quantitative analysis. It is equipped with a xenon-mercury lamp which permits the excitation of a wide range of fluorochromes (DAPI, FITC, Cy3, Cy5, PI). Samples could be analysed in different supports such as slides or multi-well plates.
  • High-content screening InCell 6000 Analyzer (GE): it allows an automated image acquisition and the high content analysis of biological samples. It is equipped with 4 lasers and an incubator for temperature and CO2 concentration regulation. It could be used for in vitro assays, as well as image analysis in 3D cultures.