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Cell Culture Unit

The Cell Culture Unit aims to facilitate the research activity of Research Groups belonging to IISLaFe and companies located in the Biopolo La Fe that require the establishment of cell models (primary cultures, continuous cell lines, cultures with viral vectors, stem cell cultures) for the development of their research projects.

This Unit provides personalized support to the research personnel in terms of infrastructure, equipment and knowledge depending on the degree of previous experience in cell culture, establishing the following categories of users:

-The researcher has the technical knowledge of cell culture: use of the facilities on a self-service basis, following the basic rules of use.

-The researcher lacks basic technical knowledge of cell culture: Advice and/or training of personnel in cell culture techniques. Once the training has been completed, the researcher may choose to perform the cultures in the Unit's facilities on a self-service basis or the Unit's own personnel may perform the necessary cultures by establishing collaboration and always according to the availability of the staff.

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