Healthcare Alliance for Resourceful Medicines Offensive against Neoplasms in hematologY - PLUS

Investigador principal
Dr. Guillermo Sanz Santillana, IIS La Fe

HARMONY PLUS takes advantage of the capabilities of the HARMONY Big Data platform by expanding its scope to incorporate all the other rare HMs not covered by HARMONY Project. In parallel, HARMONY PLUS will continue to refine and define the Core Outcome Sets (COS), especially for these new HMs to ensure the use by researchers of useful common outcomes relevant to all stakeholders. HARMONY PLUS will go beyond the scope of the initial action by applying new techniques based on the most promising fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI), like Deep Learning, Convolutional Neural Network and Machine Learning, as well as statistical modelling to improve the Big Data analytic capabilities reached in HARMONY to obtain more accurate results on the HMs considered.