Coded capelin for analysis of cranial deformation

Neurosciences and Mental Health

The present invention consists of a coded capeline that, used together with a mobile application, a web viewer and 3D processing software, allows the analysis of cranial deformation in infants in a non-invasive way. That is, it allows obtaining 3D models of children's heads, which allows the analysis of cranial deformation.

Business application sectors

Public-private hospital, specifically in the specialty of pediatrics

Technical advantages and business benefits

It allows obtaining 3D models non-invasively, quickly and at low cost.

Simple and easy to use through the application.It works with movement.

No anesthesia is necessary.

Low cost solution, directly with the mobile and the app

State of technology development

The tool has a fully developed functional prototype

Intellectual Property Rights

The invention is protected by National Patent P201930355, dated April 17, 2019, in shared ownership between the IIS La Fe and the Polytechnic University of Valencia

Collaboration wanted

Inventors are interested in licensing the patent to a company or potential start-up.