External Scientific Committee

This is an advisory body to the Hospital in matters of research priorities and guidelines implementation, within the programmes and activities of research boost and dissemination. It reports to the Board of Trustees on the Institute's management, it proposes initiatives for a continuous improvement, ensures the continuous research progress and guarantees resuls are obtained in a fair way and, finally, supervises the training plans proposed by the Institute.

This Committee is made up by renowned basic and clinical researchers who specialize in biomedical and health sciences:

Juan Tamargo Menéndez: Professor of Pharmacology at the Madrid Complutense University.


  • Dr. Eduard Gratacós
    Director at BCNatal
  • Dr. Eugenio Santos
    Cancer Research Centre at the Salamanca University (CSIC)
  • Dr. Oriol Bachs Valldeneu
    Professor at the Celular Biology and Department's organisational unit at the Barcelona University's Faculty of Medicine.
  • Dr. Isidre Ferrer Abizanda
    Bellvitge University Hospital, Professor of Pathological Anatomy at the Barcelona University.
  • Dr. Coral Barbas
    Director at Excellence Center in Metabolomics and Bioanalysis (CEMBIO).