Governing bodies



Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a collegiate body, its members being the representatives of the Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública (Autonomous Public Health Department), the La Fe University Hospital and distinguished members and entities of the Valencian society.

Autonomous Public Health Dept. Director
Ms. Ana Barceló

La Fe University Hospital CEO
Dr. Mónica Almiñana

Medical director at La Fe University Hospital
Dr. Eva Salvo

La Fe University Hospital CFO
Mr. Alberto Soto

Board members:

  • Autonomous Public Health Dept. Secretary. Mr. Narcís Vázquez
  • Research, Innovation, Technology and Quality CEO at the Autonomous Public Health Dept. Ms Ana María Ávila
  • Efficiency and economic regime manager in the Autonomous Public Health Dept. Ms Carmelina Pla
  • Dean at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Valencia Universtity (Universitat de València). Dr. Francisco Javier Chorro
  • Rector at the Valencia Polytechnic Universtity (Universitat Politècnica de València). Mr. Francisco J. Mora

Executive board

The Board of directors is appointed by the Board of trustees and formed by its Chair. It is responsible for implementing research initiatives, training projects and programmes, providing material and assigning financial resources following the Board of Trustees' priorities and guidelines.

La Fe University Hospital CEO
Dr. Mònica Almiñana

Medical director at La Fe University Hospital
Dr. Mª Jesús Arilla


  • Research, Innovation, Technology and Quality CEO at the Autonomous Public Health Dept.
    Ms Ana María Ávila
  • La Fe University Hospital CFO
    Ms Rosaura Folch
  • Teaching Facilities Director at the La Fe University Hospital
    Dr. Vicente Garrigues
  • Strategic Planning Director at the La Fe University Hospital
    Dr. Bernardo Valdivieso
  • Nursing Director at the La Fe University Hospital
    Ms Ana Mª Vivas
  • IIS La Fe Research Comission Chair
    Dr. Rafael Botella
  • IIS La Fe Research Comission Vicechair
    Dr. Luis Bataller
  • IIS La Fe Research Comission Vicechair
    Dr. Dolores Hernández
  • IIS La Fe Researcher Emeritus
    Dr. Victoria Castel
  • Scientist appointed by the IIS La Fe Research Comission
    Dr. Miguel A. Sanz
  • Vice Rector at the Valencia Polytechnic University (Universitat Po­litècnica de València)
    Mr. José E. Capilla
  • Dean at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Valencia Universtity (Universitat de València)
    Mr. Federico V. Pallardó

The Institute's Management

Doctor Javier S. Burgos Muñoz is the the IIS La Fe CEO.

The GM's goal is to boost and promote connectivity among the various research groups within the Institute. His duties include managing the research activities, collaboration and training within the Institute, research programme proposals and relations co-ordination among the Institute, the Hospital and the institutions involved. Further, the GM carries out the decisions of the governing bodies in matters within his sphere of competence. General Manager of the Institute performs the above dutties with no remuneration.


External Scientific Committee

This is an advisory body to the Hospital in matters of research priorities and guidelines implementation, within the programmes and activities of research boost and dissemination. It reports to the Board of Trustees on the Institute's management, it proposes initiatives for a continuous improvement, ensures the continuous research progress and guarantees resuls are obtained in a fair way and, finally, supervises the training plans proposed by the Institute.

This Committee is made up by renowned basic and clinical researchers who specialize in biomedical and health sciences:

Juan Tamargo Menéndez: Professor of Pharmacology at the Madrid Complutense University.


  • Dr. Emilio Montserrat
    Professor of Medicine at the Barcelona University, also responsible for Oncology and Hematology at the Barceona Clinical Hospital.
  • Dr. Eugenio Santos
    Cancer Research Centre at the Salamanca University (CSIC)
  • Dr. Oriol Bachs Valldeneu
    Professor at the Celular Biology and Department's organisational unit at the Barcelona University's Faculty of Medicine.
  • Dr. Isidre Ferrer Abizanda
    Bellvitge University Hospital, Professor of Pathological Anatomy at the Barcelona University.

Research Comission

When it comes to decision making about research project and initiatives, the Research commission does its fair share.

Dr. Rafael Botella

Dr. Maria Dolores Hernández and Dr. Luis Bataller.


  • Dr. Francisco Javier Pemán
  • Dr. Agustín Lahoz
  • Dr. César Díaz
  • Dr. José Ivorra
  • Dr. Pilar Sepúlveda
  • Dr. Belén Beltrán
  • Dr. Miguel Ángel Sanz
  • Dr. Miguel Ángel Miranda

Research Ethics Committees

These bodies make sure any ongoing research complies with current ethical standards and legal regulations.


Innovation Committee

This body advises the Institute's management on innovation issues at the Hospital while driving and encouraging the creation of an innovative culture within the Hospital.

Dr. Antonio Pineda

Dr. José María Millán

Ms Mariana Reina


  • Dr. Agustín Lahoz
  • Ms María Cortell
  • Ms Rosario Pellejero
  • Ms Elena Carrió
  • Ms María Carmen Herranz
  • Ms Silvia Sánchez

Clinical Trials Quality Committee

The Clinical Testing Quality Committee guarantees the ethical and scientific quality of the design, implementation and recording of the trials, and of the insemination of the results. It ensures a miximum transparency of the whole trial process and it certifies the results obtained are of use.

Dr. Pau Montesinos Fernández

1st  Vicechair:
Dr. David Lorente Estellés.

2nd Vicechair:
Dr. Pablo Berlanga Charriel

Ms Beatriz Alcayde Torres


  • Dr. Mª Jesús Arilla Morell
  • Dr. José Mª Millán Salvador
  • Dr. Adela Cañete Nieto
  • Dr. Miguel Baquero Toledo
  • Ms Clara Pérez Rambla
  • Ms Elena García Marín
  • Dr. Isidro Jarque Ramos
  • Dr. María Tordera Baviera
  • Dr. Martín Prieto Castillo
  • Dr. Pilar Nos Mateu
  • Dr. Oscar Juan Vidal
  • Ms Rosario Pellejero Pascual
  • D. José Antonio Rodríguez Gil
  • Ms Ascensión Franco Bernal
  • Ms Eva Rueda García
  • Ms Ana Vivas Broseta
  • Dr. Luis Martí Bonmatí
  • Ms Mª José Moya García

Research Groups

The Institute carries out its mission through work in different research groups active in the La fe Hospital as well as in collaborating institutions, such as the Valencia University, The Valencia Polytechnic University and the High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC). The concrete research programmes are financed by the state (Carlos III Health Institute Projects - Health Research Fund, National 'RDI Fund), autonomous and European funds as well as by private institutions.

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The Scientifical-technological services and the Research Support Platforms of the Institute, back the medical research with help of the Carlos III Health Institute. Services are provided to internal clients (researchers and doctors of the Hospital) as well as externally (other hospitals, research centers and businesses from the health sector).

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Administrative bodies

The Institue has its own distinct management structure (apart from the hospital itself); its goal is to provide support to the research staff.

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