Animal Testing Ethics Committee (CEEA)

The CEEA's goal is to protect and take care of the animals that are used in testing. It tries to minimise their long-term and/or unnecessary pain, suffering, distress or injury. It tries to avoid unnecessary duplication of procedures, limits the number of animals used by applying alternative methods where possible.

Animal Research and Testing Project Assessment

All the research projects that include the use of lab animals must be approved by the La Fe CEEA before applying for authorisation at the corresponding regulatory body and/or its implementation.

Research projects that are to be assessed by the La Fe CEEA will be presented before the Scientific Area of the IIS La Fe.

Members of the Committee will assess the ethical aspect of the Protocol, noting their opinion in the "Experiment Procedure Evaluation form" (Rev. 00). The final opinion can be as follows:

  1. Favourable
  2. Favourable, conditioned by remedying formal deficiencies or by submitting further documents
  3. Pending, due to a need for an important revision of the protocol. The researcher responsible for the design of the experiment (category C) is advised to contact the La Fe CEEA)
  4. Dismissed

If the Protocol and the solicited clarification (if applicable) obtain a favourable opinion from the Committee, the secretary will issue a report based on Art. 33.1 of the Royal Decree 53/2013 to apply for the authorization from the 'Conserjería de Presidencia y Agricultura, pesca y alimentación'.

In case there are important objections, the Protocol is formally qualified as Pending Approval and a personal meeting of the La Fe CEEA is organised where the Chief Investigators presence might be solicited to clarify these objections.

Also, in such cases the Committee might call upon other external advisors to issues an expert opinion.