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Experimental Radiology Unit

The Experimental Radiology Platform offers services focused on imaging, from acquisition to processing and quantification of imaging biomarkers. It also provides personalized collaboration in all research projects where imaging is relevant. The center offers access to knowledge and infrastructures to guarantee the success of the projects. These services are provided both in pre-clinical phases with sample and experimental animal studies, and in humans and patients through contract research and clinical trials.

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The Experimental Radiology Platform has the following facilities:

  • A high field Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) equipment (3 Teslas) with multiple multichannel coils for studies with tissue samples, animals of any size and human beings.
  • Two radiographic pieces of equipment with real-time C-arc scopy and high-resolution flat detectors.
  • Qualified technical and scientific personnel (with category B and C in handling laboratory animals).

The Experimental Radiology Platform depends on the Radiology Service of the Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe and counts on the collaboration of the IIS-La Fe research group in Biomedical Imaging GIBI230 in its scientific direction. The Platform provides support:

  • In the definition of research projects and the role of imaging in them.
  • In the optimization for the acquisition of MR, digital radiography and scopic images.
  • In image processing through image biomarker extraction, distribution and quantification of different tissue properties.
  • In data analysis by biostatistics and data mining.