Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Area (Área de Investigación Clínica - AIC) develops, manages and collaborates on clinical trials promoted by the the pharmaceutical industry as well as by the Institute's own researchers. The goal is to financialy help clinical trials with no business interest and to maximise the positive effect of those funded privately.

The AIC also counts with the support of its Clinical Studies and Biological Activity Unit  (la Unidad de Investigación Clínica y Actividad Biológica - UICAB). This unit specialises in clinical trials in adults as well as in pediatrics, and in its function, forms a part of the Hospital, thus it can rely on its staff - nurses and lab technicians specialised in clinical trials.

The Clinical Trials Design and Implementation Unit

This Unit provides parties interested in conducting a trial, be it researchers or sponsors, with all the necessary information, and scientific, methodological, ethical, legal, clinical, logistical and management support for their project. The role of this Unit also includes co-ordination and monitoring of the project. The Unit forms part of the Spanish Research and Clinical Trials Units Platform (SCReN), of the Carlos III Health Institute under the title 'Clinical Research and Clinical Trials Unit of the Hospital' (UICEC-IISLaFe). The Unit was created thanks to help from the Health and Science Ministries (Ministerios de Sanidad y Consumo y de Ciencia e Innovación).

Clinical Trials Management Unit

This Unit manages the administrative part of the research and trials. It also administratively supports the secretariats of these two committees: the Medicaments Research Ethical Committee (CEIm) and External Committee of Biobanks and Research Collections (CEBCI).