Clinical Research

Anyone who wants to conduct a clinical trial/study, an EPA study, research, be it in connection with medication or a healthcare product can apply for assistance at the The Clinical Trials Design and Implementation Unit. The unit offers a wide range of services that help the researchers with the design, presentation (for the CEIm and regulatory agencies) as well as wih the research process itself, its analysis and final reports.

To apply for assistance, just email us at: investigacion_clinica(ELIMINAR)

Clinical studies key document templates

In their personal area, the Institute's researchers can find document templates for their research and studies, such as protocols, patiens informations sheets etc. These are very useful when conducting clinical trials on drugs and other healthcare products as well as in observational studies.


A document has been worked out that summarizes answers to frequent questions asked by sponsors about: clinical electronic records, clinical trials partner services, facilities, teams involved, calibrations, process deadlines, CEIm etc. For more, go to your personal area.

Laboratory reference ranges

Go to your personal area.

Mizar Clinical Trials Management Module - application access

This clinical trial management module (MIZAR) is a useful tool for the participants' registration, tracking and management. It integrates the clinical trial identification data, the research staff and participating patients.

This tool allows any practitioner of the Hospital to find out if a patient is participating in a clinical trial and can also access the trial's ID data as well as the name of the responsible researcher and their contact details.

Always in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, this app also allows for a limited access to the patients' clinical record by an outside party that is, however, involved in the trial in question (monitors, auditors, study coordinators, data managers).

  • To apply for an access authorization to the MIZAR module, please email us at: administracion_ec(ELIMINAR) (only for researchers, trial co-ordinators and data managers of the Hospital).
  • To apply for an access authorization for an external staff (monitors, auditors), the head researcher / study co-ordinator should apply at the Hospital's IT sub-directorate (hyperlink to intranet and the documents needed for the application and the e-mail address where to send them: hnf_informatica(ELIMINAR)

Monitoring room

On the ground floor of the tower A, there is a room with a computer from which the Orion Clinic and Mizar can be accessed for purposes of monitoring.

To apply for access to this room for purposes of monitoring please check its availability at: administracion_ec(ELIMINAR)

Finished trial file archiving

The IIS La Fe provides archiving services for all files of finished trials / studies, you can apply at: archivo(ELIMINAR)

Good Clinical Practise Courses

We provide training for resident doctors and other staff of the Hospital.

You can sign in at Aula Fe or ask for more information at: monitor5(ELIMINAR)