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Biomedical research plays a fundamental role in the advancement of science, in the knowledge of biological mechanisms involved in diseases, as well as in the development of new therapies. Biomedical progress often requires animal models, which is why animal welfare, health and care have a priority and essential role in research.

Thus, in our Animal Facility, animal welfare is one of the pillars of our research and a fundamental commitment where the application of the "3R's Principle" is essential. We ensure Replacement, Reduction and Refinement in animal research and we also consider it essential to apply the R of Respect and Responsibility in all research and teaching courses that are developed.

Our facility is divided into experimental and teaching areas. We have, in turn, an area of housing and work SPF for rodents "Specific Pathogen Free" both immunocompromised and immunocompetent, and an area of housing and work for large animals (rabbits, pigs and sheep). We also have a surgical area with 5 anesthetic and endoscopic towers where experimental and teaching activities can be carried out.

Our animal facility is registered in the Registry of Breeding Centers, Suppliers and Users of experimental animals and in the Registry of Livestock Holdings of the Valencian Community as "Hospital Universitario y Politécnico La Fe" and with registration number ES462500001013. It should be noted that all procedures carried out with animals, whether experimental or educational, are evaluated by the IISLAFE Ethics Committee and Authorized Body, made up of veterinarians and experts in biomedical research, animal welfare and biostatistics.

Our commitment to animal welfare and quality research is such that we are adhered to the Agreement on Transparency in Animal Experimentation, promoted by the Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain (COSCE) and with the collaboration of the European Association for Animal Research (EARA).